Wolfgang Schatz

Wolfgang Schatz


  • Acting training at the Berlin University of the Arts
  • More than 35 years of experience as an actor and voiceover artist in TV & movies (e.g. Tatort, Derrick, etc.)
  • More than 19 years of experience as business actor and trainer
  • More than 10 years trainer at Media Tenor International
  • Trainer and coach at Deutsche Telekom


  • Organisation, moderation and playing seminar theatre 
  • Development centre, forum theatre and mirror theatre
  • Concept development, interviews, script organisation and conducting simulations and trainings
  • Quality management, onboarding of new actors, coordination with trainers


  • Business actor in the field of negotiations in purchasing and sales, conflict resolution, project management, leadership, team, change, finance, technology, compliance and law
  • Trainer in the fields of online communication, rhetoric, voice and language
  • Individual and group coaching


  • German, English


  • 1:1 business role play with the full bandwidth of strategies, tactics and tricks
  • Conducting difficult customer and negotiation meetings
  • Credible implementation close to reality based on in-depth industry knowledge 
  • Depiction of sharply distinguished types of the STAB/DISG model: sometimes bossy and direct, sometimes painfully rational, sometimes emotional and creative, sometimes cunning and humorous, sometimes simply surprising
  • Challenges each participant personally, intensely and interactively
  • Tips and tricks for digital negotiations
  • Expert feedback regarding the acted role
  • Expert feedback about body language and effect

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