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Negotiation Coaching by Frieder Gamm Group


Our negotiation experts coach your employees for real negotiations. We support your negotiators in implementing the seminar content that we teach. Our trainers provide ideas, structure, and discipline to the preparation of the negotiation.

We support you in your difficult negotiations with concrete assistance – before, during, and after. Depending on your rerquirements, we take on an active or passive role. During the negotiation breaks, the coach debriefs the negotiators, analyzes, and structures the ongoing negotiation.

If necessary, we will accompany you in your negotiation, or one of our negotiation experts will conduct the negotiations for you.

We support you specifically with the …

  • a detailed analysis of the starting position – your strengths, weaknesses, and leverage
  • a detailed analysis of your counterpart – goals, motivation, interests, strengths, and weaknesses
  • a clear definition of your maximum and minimum goals and of your exit scenario
  • development of personlized and concrete strategies, as well as implementation tactics
  • putting together an effective negotiation team
  • development of a script for your negotiation

Your benefit and coaching goal:

  • A detailed and individual preparation of a negotiation
  • Professional support from an internationally experienced procurement and sales
  • expert acting as a sparring partner
  • A negotiation script for your team
  • Preparation scheme transferable to further negotiations
  • High cost-benefit ratio
  • 360° assessment of your upcoming negotiation

Target Group

Employees who have to conduct an important or difficult negotiation. We recommend max. 5 participants per coaching.

Example of the negotiation coaching process

STEP 1 Determination of participants and negotiation cases, organization of the coaching workshop, sending of the preparation checklist
STEP 2 Internal preparation and data collection, analysis of negotiators
STEP 3 Common analysis and evaluation of the starting position of the customer and the supplier
STEP 4 Formulation of targets (minimum and maximum targets), worst-case scenario
STEP 5 Definition of strategy and tactics, concrete actions, script for upcoming negotiations, definition of the negotiation team

Coaching results and feedback

Some customer testimonials:

  • Forcing myself to question everything was very helpful
    The preparation in the team released a lot of creativity. We discovered many new opportunities and additional leverage in the negotiation
  • Goals were set tougher than before
  • Our maximum goal became a minimum goal in preparation
  • The supplier demand resulted in a reduction => from +4.8% to -10%
  • I learned “to walk in the other person’s shoes”
  • Simulating many scenarios is an absolute added value
  • We have saved a lot of valuable time through the professional preparation
  • Sustainability could be increased many times over
  • The coach’s wealth of experience and neutrality allows us to think outside the box
  • To get answers to questions such as: How do I get out of a stuck situation?
  • The many discussions in the team were very helpful
  • The coach as a meta-level has brought us a lot
  • Breaking out of old thought patterns

Online coaching: effective competence in digital negotiation

digital verhandeln

Do you have to switch many of your negotiations to digital and would like to appear confident and professional with your negotiating partner?

We will show you the most important basics in a one-on-one speed coaching in 60 minutes video call, including your individual optimization fields related to your behavior, your performance, and your personal impact in front of the camera.

At the end of the speed coaching, you will receive a handout with the most important tips & rules and individual optimization fields with possible solutions.

Learn from an actor & impact coach and get ready for your digital negotiations.

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