Digital Negotiation Seminars

Online Keynote: How to successfully negotiate with a monopolist?

Negotiating with monopolists is undoubtedly one of the most difficult tasks for a negotiator. Whether real or just homemade monopolists, the perceived dependency and powerlessness are equally strong in both forms.

In this webinar we address the following topics:

  • Tips and tricks in negotiating with monopolists
  • Is the monopoly real?
  • Preparing negotiations against monopolists
  • Identifying the behavioral patterns and motives in the counterpart
  • Setting clear targets
  • Formulating goal-oriented strategies and tactics

Online Seminar: Negotiation Strategy

Preparation is the key to a successful negotiation. A 360 degree view of all facts is a basis for preparing a target-oriented strategy. Not only numbers, data and facts play an important role, but also information about the negotiating partner.

In this online training you will learn how to conduct negotiations in a targeted and convincing manner and how to use negotiation tools professionally.

Experience the best tools and recommendations in our digital workshop.


  • Meta level as a prerequisite for strategic negotiation
  • Profiling: know your counterpart better than he knows himself
  • Don’t negotiate blind: Strategic negotiation preparation
  • My goals – his goals – our goals?
  • Which strategies, which tactics are successful?

Online lecture: Negotiating successfully (digitally)

The topic of digitalization was on everyone’s mind long before the Corona era. Thanks to Corona, digitalization is advancing very fast. From school lessons and seminars to shareholder meetings, work in the home office and court hearings, the switch to digital took place at the speed of light. While Unimaginable a few years ago, today it is accepted reality.

Especially when it comes to negotiating, we as negotiation experts ask ourselves: Will we fly to the other end of the world for an important negotiation in the future?

If not …

  • What communication media will we use to negotiate?
  • What do we have to consider in digital negotiations?
  • How does the preparation of a digital negotiation differ from a face-to-face negotiation?
  • How do we make a professional first impression digitally?
  • How can we digitally build up a relationship with our counterpart, keyword “offer a coffee”?
  • How do we use different digital communication media (video conferencing, emails, telephone) strategically?

These and other questions will be the focus of online negotiations in the future.
Digititalization is not just a technology, it is a change of behavior. It is important to build digital negotiation skills and digital awareness.

Online Seminar: Profiling in Negotiation

One of the biggest mistakes in negotiating is using arguments that you think are coherent and motivating.
That works great – if the negotiating partner is as you are – but usually they are not.
The result is that your from your perspective “appropriate” argument does not work for the other party.

The real art is to argue based on the other side’s reality.
“The bait has to be attractive to the fish, not to the fisherman” is a well-known saying.
And in order to know which bait is attractive to my counterparts, it helps a lot to understand them.

Learning objectives in digital training:

  • Get to know and recognize different types of negotiations
  • Formulate strategy and tactics specifically for the various types of negotiation
  • Do’s and don’ts in communication with different types

In our digital training you will experience methods and tips to analyze and better understand the negotiating partner before and during the negotiation.

Online seminar: With cultural profiling to negotiation success

International negotiations are not only conducted across national borders, but above all across cultural borders. People’s cultural imprint have an enormous influence on how they think, act, and, of course, negotiate.
So it’s time, as an experienced negotiator, to take cultural factors into account in order to devise a successful negotiation strategy.


  • Culture is embodied – how culture influences our thought patterns and actions in business
  • Linear-active, multi-active, re-active? Your own cultural imprint and its effect on the negotiating partner
  • Recognize the cultural profile of the negotiating partner
  • Cultural profiling in negotiation preparation and negotiation strategy
  • Argumentation and communication methods to convince the international interlocutor in the negotiation
  • Select virtual communication channels appropriate for the type of culture

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