House Of Negotiation Excellence (HoNE)

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Many managers find that, in spite of a lot of seminars, what has been learned does not always result in a lasting improvement of their employees’ negotiation performance.

Customer experiences show that the learning effect often evaporates as soon as the learned methods and tools come head on with existing processes and approaches at the company. The insight is undisputed in science that the existing conditions the participant finds at his workplace determine decisively whether a learning transfer will be achieved for the long term or not. This is amplified by a possible lack of missing from the management.

The House Of Negotiation Excellence

Out of this insight, the Frieder Gamm Group has developed the innovative negotiation system “HoNE” with the objective of lastingly efficient negotiation methods and processes rooted together with the customers in their organisational world.

For this purpose, HoNE brings together and unites all key players, processes, methods and tools that are fundamental for maximum negotiation success.

„The House of Negotiation Excellence HoNE and the A-negotiations prepared and carried out by the A-Team have brought an ROI of 88.60 euros per euro invested. Top result!”

Robert Suvak
Executive Vice President – Head of Procurement, DRÄXLMAIER Group

The House of Negotiation Excellence is an integrated negotiations management system, which is applied especially in strategically important negotiations, the so-called A-negotiations.

Precisely defined processes ensure that all A-negotiations are prepared and implemented with the necessary intensity and the required attention from the management.

Well-trained negotiation teams, who are composed of the respective employee from purchasing/sales plus an A-team coach take care of the implementation. The rules of the game are defined clearly and cross-functional areas such as R&D, sales, quality or logistics are involved in targeted ways. This will produce teams that are strong in implementation and well-equipped for upcoming challenges.

(Sprungmarge A-Team)


The A-team is the centre piece of the HoNE system. Through a selection process, potential A-team members with an affinity to leading negotiations, e.g. from purchasing and sales, are identified and trained to become negotiation coaches. In cooperation with purchasing/sales and the cross-team partners, they assume different functions:


The A-team coaches ensure that the HoNE system is implemented and practiced throughout the company.


The A-team coaches ensure a constant knowledge transfer on the topic of excellence in negotiations.


The A-team coaches advise and support the employee in a structured manner in the preparation, negotiation and the time thereafter.


The A-team coaches ensure that important cross-team partners are involved and cooperate well together.


The A-team coaches analyse the negotiation partners and lend support in setting the strategy and tactical approach.

Creative Director:

The A-team coaches are sparring partners, creative drivers, motivators and they inject new innovative energy into the preparation.

HoNE including A-Team:
The foundation for your success

Mastering the current and future challenges with innovative and creative approaches to solution:


  • Professionalisation of leading negotiations in purchasing and sales
  • Close cooperation with the cross-team partners
  • Clear definition of competences & processes
  • Stringent implementation of negotiation methods and processes


  • Uncovering weaknesses across areas
  • Raising effectiveness and efficiency with a clear distribution of responsibilities and competencies
  • Conversion and implementation into profitable results


  • Can be used universally in all areas of purchasing and sales
  • Scalable depending on size and complexity
  • Applicable to all economic aspects


  • Consistent and stringent negotiations management system to ensure the best-in-class standard in leading negotiations
  • Permanent implementation of learned negotiation know-how
  • Company-wide consistent understanding of the negotiation methodology

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