Negotiate correctly

Here you will find numerous tips and tricks for successful negotiations. Better negotiate with the Frieder Gamm Group!

Negotiating Successfully with Monopolists

Negotiate successfully with monopolists. Negotiating with monopolists is one of the most difficult tasks for a buyer. Find out more about negotiating successfully with monopolists here.

  • Tips and tricks in negotiating with monopolists
  • Is your monopolist really the only option?
  • Preparing negotiations with monopolists
  • Recognize the behavior patterns and motives of the other person

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International negotiations – know the cultural background of the negotiating partner

International negotiations – knowing the cultural background of the negotiating partner. The success of international negotiations is directly related to being able to assess the cultural factors impacting all negotiating partners.

  • Two examples of failed international negotiations
  • Cultural backgrounds in international negotiations
  • Preparing negotiations with monopolists
  • Conclusion: international negotiations & cultural factors

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The four most important negotiation strategies

Choosing the right strategy plays an important role in a successful negotiation. No, even more concise: the strategy is even decisive.

How do I find the best strategy for my negotiation? In professional negotiation, there are four different negotiation strategies: pressure, partnership, avoidance, and acceptance.

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Correctly assess the negotiating partner

If you want to unlock the door of your neighbor, you should use the neighbor’s key and not your own. The same is true for negotiations: you always have to prepare for your negotiating partner. Try to find out what makes them “tick,” what they like and what they don’t like.

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The 10 rules of negotiation

Negotiations are a fact of life. We therefore have put together a list of the 10 most important rules for successful negotiation. It helps you both in everyday negotiations, as well as in professional negotiations between buyers or salespeople.

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