Profiling in the Negotiation

“The worm must taste good to the fish and not the firshman” is an old and saying. One of the biggest mistakes in leading negotiations is when you use arguments that you yourself find plausible and motivational. In this seminar, we will show you how you find out who you are dealing with by way of clever analysis, and what strategies and arguments will be convincing in the negotiation. The true art is to argue from inside of your counterpart’s world. To know what worms the negotiation partner takes, it is a tremendous help knowing how he ticks. Professional negotiators start their negotiation preparations with elaborate profiling. See which methods and tips you can use to be able to analyse and better understand your counterpart before and during the negotiation.


  • Identifying different negotiation types to handle them successfully
  • Recognising the motivations and objectives of the negotiation partner
  • Formulating specific strategy and tactics with for different negotiation types
  • Do’s and don’ts in the communication with different types

Duration: 1 day

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