Negotiation training: Get in the ring with us!

Your practical cases – our negotiation experts. Get into the ring with us and practice on your own practical cases. In this negotiation training, we work as a team on a holistic video-life-analysis.

Negotiation training with boxing strategies

The original concept of the Frieder Gamm Group.

The physically inferior Muhammad Ali versus the invincible George Foreman – a good example of learning negotiation strategies? Definitely with the negotiation experts of the Frieder Gamm Group!

In our negotiation training, as in the legendary boxing match “Rumble in the Jungle,” we develop sophisticated strategies, clever feints, and rule-compliant deception, so that you can successfully assert yourself in an apparently weaker negotiation position.

We transfer “Rumble in the Jungle” into your negotiation environment in everyday life and at work. Because not only in boxing matches, exact knowledge of your opponent’s and your own strengths and weaknesses is the most important prerequisite for finding a successful strategy – with a successful end.

Negotiation Training: Digital Negotiation

digital verhandeln

Effectiveness meets negotiation skills

Duration: 3 x 4 hours

Frieder Gamm, Negotiation Expert
Tony Glaser, Business Actor

Expand and consolidate your digital negotiation skills with our 3-stage concept consisting of:

  • Knowledge transfer of professional negotiation
  • Direct implementation of the learned content in practice for the preparation of future online negotiations
  • Individual feedback and recommendations for action by a negotiation expert

Methodology: Moderation, discussion, practical examples, customer-specific case studies, educational films, role-plays from customer practice, including video feedback and coaching.

Training Process:

Day 1: Basics of professional negotiation

  • Meta level – prerequisite for strategic negotiation
  • Professional negotiation preparation
  • Strategy and tactics
  • Analyzing the counterpart as the key to success
Day 2: Negotiating with a business actor via video conference (e.g. Zoom, Skype, etc.) 1: 1 negotiation simulations with your own real cases including feedback and recommendations for action by a negotiation expert (e.g. an upcoming negotiation)
Day 3: Individual 1: 1 coaching of the individual participants for an upcoming negotiation

Negotiation bundle digital

Number of participants: min 3, max 6
Duration: Day 1 = 4 hours, Day 2 = 4 hours, Day 3 = 1 hour per participant
Tool: Zoom, MS Teams, Skype or similar

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