From real life to help with real life situations

The Frieder Gamm Group (FGG) specializes in seminars and coaching in negotiation in many languages and cultures. The negotiation expert Frieder Gamm, a former buyer at Dr. Ing.h.c. F. Porsche AG, founded FGG in 1999.

Internationality – Our individual workshops are structured to provide company-wide standardized and systematic negotiation methods with cultural adaptations. The coach in charge knows the language and understands local customs and culture.

30 countries – more than 20 years of experience – 6 languages – 5 continents – 4 regional offices

Our Negotiation Experts

„I would especially highlight the wide ranging practical experience of the coaches – a guarantee for high credibility. Most of the methods applied remain “alive” within the whole procurement department and substantially contribute to target-oriented negotiating.“

Dr. Oliver Frille
Vice President Procurement & SCM, Eberspaecher Climate Control Systems GmbH & Co. KG

Range of Services

Our formats are customised specifically to your needs by means of practical examples and actual negotiation situations from the daily business of your employees. This will give your employees a toolbox for instant practical use in daily business.


Our team of trainers and coaches guides you through the modular workshops. Modules range from the basics to the fine art of negotiation. Attendees learn to transfer practice-oriented negotiation methods for their day-to-day business. After completing a workshop series, attendees will be in a good position to deal with upcoming negotiations by using a well-assorted toolkit.

Negotiation Coaching

We support you with case-specific advice during your negotiations – before, during, and after. Our negotiation experts provide ideas and structure to professionally prepare the negotiation. The aim of the coaching is to create, as a team, a script addressing all eventualities in the upcoming negotiation.


Frieder Gamm, a leading expert on negotiations, is also a speaker in high demand. Whether he appears for the kick-off of a new series of negotiation trainings, or excites crowds with a motivational speech – in every case, the audience will experience a riveting multi-media presentation.

Management Coaching

The change of the times does not end at managers and management styles. We prepare not only top managers but also aspiring managers for their respective roles and challenges. In doing so, we use the same tools and approaches that are known from leading negotiations. Pragmatic, human-oriented, effective and quick to implement – that is the feedback from our participants.

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Our social commitment

Verhandlungen des Lebens e.V.

FGG founded the association “Verhandlungen des Lebens” (Negotiations of Life) in 2016. It is dedicated to refugees, who have to face administrative court proceedings, helping them enforce their right to stay in Germany. We support them in defending their rights and opportunities. A team of experienced negotiation experts and lawyers prepares the refugees in the optimal way for the upcoming negotiations.

Neven Subotic Stiftung

The Neven Subotic Foundation builds wells in Ethiopia. With the foundation’s wells about 170,000 people have received safe access to clean water thus far. Clean water is a human right. FGG donated one well in 2020 that supplies 200 people with clean water.


Impacc is a non-profit organisation that invests in green start-ups in Africa. In 2021, FGG Impacc supported the start-up Washking located in Ghana. WASHKing offers environmentally friendly, affordable bio toilets as a solution for disadvantaged households, neighbourhoods and institutions, and this way makes a big contribution to more dignity, safety and hygiene.

Madamfo Ghana

Bettina Landgrafe founded the association Madamfo Ghana e. V. – Freunde Ghanas (Friends of Ghana) in 2011. Through this association, she builds schools and wells in Ghana, makes the opportunity to receive an education accessible to children while also developing self-help projects to make a humane life possible for the poorest of the poor. Many children have already graduated from school and started their life successfully. FGG has assisted Madamfo Ghana since 2011 and pays for the employment of a housekeeper.

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