Our team helps you through the workshops consisting of modules ranging from the initiation to finesse in the art of negotiation. Attendees will learn to transfer practice oriented negotiation methods to their day-to-day business. After completing a workshop series, attendees will be in a good position to deal with upcoming negotiations by using a well-assorted toolkit.

Negotiation Coaching

Our negotiation experts coach your staff for upcoming negotiations in real business. We support your negotiators in the implementation of the workshop contents. Our coaches provide ideas and structure and help to implement discipline during the preparation of the negotiation.

Negotiation Assistance

We provide concrete assistance throughout your difficult negotiations – in the run-up, during the negotiation and afterwards. Depending on the initial situation, we may take up an active or a passive role. During negotiation breaks, the coach analyzes and structures the ongoing negotiation.

Ghost negotiation

A further method of negotiation support is the so-called ”ghost negotiation“, where our coach remains invisible in the background and supports the team without appearing in person.