Negotiation Keynotes from Frieder Gamm

The experienced expert in negotiating is a sought-after speaker and author.

Frieder Gamm looks back on years of experience in purchasing at Porsche AG and has been the head of the Frieder Gamm Group GmbH, which is specialized on negotiation, since 1999.

As a speaker, he has so far inspired more than 250,000 listeners from different corporations and industries. His audience loves his extremely entertaining and practice-oriented speeches.

Speeches and keynotes are specially tailored to your event. Your wishes and your target group guarantee enthusiasm and sustainability.

Experience top speaker Frieder Gamm

Presentations on negotiations from lecturer and top international speaker Frieder Gamm on the following example topics:

Sellers Market

The job of a purchaser or a seller is not an easy one these days. Unreliable supply chains, rising raw materials prices, bottlenecks in logistics, coupled with the effects of politically insecure times are just some of the current challenges.

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Successfully Negotiating with Monopolists

Frieder Gamm takes a look behind the curtain in this lecture – is your monopolist truly a monopolist? Do you know the human behind the monopolist?

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Negotiating with Boxing Strategies

In his dynamic presentation on the basis of the historic boxing event “Rumble in the Jungle”, he introduces his audience to sophisticated strategies, clever tricks and rule-compliant deception manoeuvres that will allow a negotiator in an apparently weak position to succeed– of course, without blows under the belt.

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Negotiations are won in your head!

This vibrant presentation gives the audience an understanding about the essentials of the power of psychology in the conduct of negotiations. Mastering the power of psychology and correctly assessing the negotiation counterpart are decisive for success. Expert Frieder Gamm transmits fascinating know-how on conducting negotiations.

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Everything is a matter of negotiation

See and take advantage of opportunities. How do you get what you want. How many negotiations do you think you have every day? 10? 50? No, much more: between 100 and 200! Because negotiations do not only take place in court or at conference tables, but in many everyday situations, sometimes consciously, but mostly subconsciously.

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From buyer to relationship manager

The buyer faces new challenges in changing times: new technologies are being sold by “new” salespeople. Generation XYZ meets old school. Chains of relationships will gain in importance, the stronger must be happy to be served by the supposedly smaller.

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