The physically outgunned Muhammad Ali vs. the undefeated George Foreman – a good example to learn about negotiation strategies? Definitively, with negotiation expert Frieder Gamm! In his dynamic presentation on the basis of the historic boxing event “Rumble in the Jungle”, he introduces his audience to sophisticated strategies, clever tricks and rule-compliant deception maneuvers that will allow a negotiator in an apparently weak position to succeed– of course, without blows under the belt.

Frieder Gamm’s one-of-a-kind analysis transfers lessons learned from boxing to everyday negotiation situations in life and job.  Just like in a boxing match, accurate knowledge of your own and your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses is the most important premise to successfully develop a strategy – with a triumphant closing.

Thousands of attendees have already been thrilled by the Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and Frieder Gamm trio.