Verona vs. Alice: Nation’s pretty airhead faces feminism monopolist. Verona, apparently not able to construct an error-free sentence – “da werden Sie geholfen” (here help is waiting for you) – competes against Alice Schwarzer, publisher of the women’s magazine EMMA, a highly articulate woman. Given this apparently disproportionate “duel”, one would easily assume that the outcome was a foregone conclusion.

Frieder Gamm takes advantage of the diverse perspectives of both female protagonists. On the basis of this historic encounter that took place in Johannes B. Kerner’s German TV show, he demonstrates how to negotiate successfully out of an apparent impasse, by applying the Frieder Gamm methods of professional conduct of negotiation as well as the correct strategy and tactics. The negotiation expert shows how the apparent underdog is capable of coming out on top by means of a sound preparation.

Following this entertaining multimedia featured analysis, Frieder Gamm conveys to the audience new approaches to negotiation techniques and provides practical suggestions. With numerous examples, he illustrates how a negotiator can achieve excellent results despite difficult circumstances.

Any questions and issues raised by the attendees will be addressed in an open discussion at the closing of the event.