Successfully Negotiating with Monopolists

Frieder Gamm takes a look behind the curtain in this lecture – is your monopolist truly a monopolist? Do you know the human behind the monopolist?

Many make the mistake to assume their counterparts have similar patterns of behaviour and motives as they themselves have. Very good negotiators analyse the behavioural patterns of their counterpart using personality models such as STAB or DISG. The observed behavioural patterns lead to conclusions about the negotiation partner’s personality and possible strategic and tactical modes of behaviour in negotiations. This allows for a first assessment of the negotiation partner and anticipating negotiation actions.

Following to the entertaining analysis given in a multimedia format, the negotiation expert will convey new approaches to negotiation techniques and makes practical suggestions in the process. He will demonstrate by means of many examples how negotiators can achieve excellent results in spite of adverse conditions. Of course, a final discussion with the event participants will give them the opportunity to also discuss specific questions and problems.

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